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The CDS Beacon® queue management system ensures that poles are not overturned by hasty travellers: you prevent chaos!


The CDS Beacon® queue management system consists of a conical stainless steel pole with a flexible swivel head, which is mounted on a foot that is precision drilled into the floor. The swivel top of the pole contains a lintcasette with a capacity of up to 2.4 meter. The pole is connected with other poles by means of the ribbon, thereby collectively forming a queue management system.


The unique conical design of the CDS Beacon® system, offers a clear overview, with a routing that can be easily and quickly adapted to the crowds. By applying advanced technology combined with top quality materials, CDS Beacon® guarantees optimal functioning of your queue management system, 24/7, both now and in the future.


The long entrepreneurial history of CDS is testament to our ingenuity. Our management and our after sales service support you in your challenges, before, during and after installation. CDS is the ideal partner of your innovative queue management solutions. Our commitment to you is a queue management solution that meets your aspirations and challenges. With over 40 years experience in queue management solutions, we will always achieve an optimal access for you.



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